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    The main areas to date design, engineering surveys, maintenance, and supervision:

    • Apartment complexes with welfare projects, and underground parking;
    • Individual high-rise apartment buildings, houses, banking institutions, offices, retail and catering, medical and health institutions;
    • Motor vehicle repair businesses, gas stations, service stations, garages, warehouses, processing plants of agricultural products;
    • Update obsolete physical infrastructure of existing enterprises;
    • Technical upgrading and modernization of existing enterprises using advanced processes and equipment;
    • Trunk and intra-engineering networks and structures;
    • Communication complexes, computer centers, security and fire alarm systems;
    • Automated control systems heat power processes;
    • External and internal water supply networks, sewage and heating systems for residential, office and industrial facilities;
    • Boiler (heating) boiler unit capacity of 0.05 Gcal / hour. Up to 180 Gcal / h;
    • Automatic fire-fighting;
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant industrial and domestic wastewater of different productivity, industrial waste water by using a fundamentally new technologies.

    In addition, the Institute has extensive experience in designing airport, rocket and space complexes and industrial sites for different purposes.