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  • Державне підприємство міністерства оборони України
    Центральний проектний інститут

    Other services

    • Range of consulting services in construction;
    • Marketing in construction;
    • Preparation of business plans and proposals for construction;
    • Technical supervision of construction works;
    • Engineering research, complex engineering and hydro-meteorological, geological engineering survey construction sites, the complex ecological and geological surveys, topography;
    • Inspection of buildings, structures and networks;
    • Holding approvals from government agencies and services;
    • Organizational and pre-design work on the stage of allotment of land for construction;
    • "Assessment of environmental impacts" of project activities;
    • "Statement of Intent" and "Ecological study of the planned construction" at the stage of land allocation;
    • Assessment of the environmental situation;
    • Develop technical specifications for compliance with environmental and ecological and geological surveys;
    • Conduct a preliminary scientific and environmental review of project materials;
    • Duplicating and binding.