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    On October 5 each year, the State Enterprise Ministry of Defence "Central Design Institute" celebrates its founding.

    The Institute was established in 1949 as an engineering organization of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR to carry out design work to rebuild the war-torn airfields and building new ones.

    In the late 60-ies Institute (military unit 44011), has become one of the leading design companies in the USSR Ministry of Defense design of military airfields and missile complexes strategic forces, space and special facilities to the places of the dislocation in the Far East, Zabaykale, in the central regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Caucasus, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and abroad.

    Institute for the first time in the Soviet Union was designed complex of buildings of educational airfield near Grozny with two runways. The projects of measuring stations facilities management and satellite tracking in Kazakhstan and Trans-Baikal. Special structures designed complex abroad: in Libya, Cuba, Poland, Hungary, East Germany.

    According to the Institute\'s projects were built or renovated residential complexes and townships in the locations of military units in many parts of the Soviet Union: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Central Asian republics, motels and pioneer camps: "Pike", "Pearl", "Gadyach", "New Sanzhary", "Irpen", "Anapa" and others.

    A new stage in the history of the institution associated with the formation of independent Ukraine. The Institute participates in international programs to reduce conventional weapons, the elimination of strategic nuclear weapons, the placement and arrangement derived from the German and Hungarian troops. Project of the Central Design Institute were built residential campuses to military personnel and their families in the following cities: Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Starokostantinove, Novograd-Volyn, Khmelnytsky and Pervomaisk total area of 600 thousand square meters.

    According to a government decision on the non-nuclear status of Ukraine, the Central Design Institute, served as general designer to implement the program for the elimination of strategic nuclear weapons. Institute has developed documentation for the liquidation and rehabilitation 13 missiles SS-19 and 5 missiles SS-24, stationed in Ukraine. A draft set of neutralizing missiles SS-19 in Dnepropetrovsk, the draft decommissioning filling stations SS-19 missiles in the cities of Pervomaisk and Khmelnytsky and storage locations of nuclear warheads in Makarov and Kirovograd.

    According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Institute was drafted by the garrison of the arrangement. Snakes in the Black Sea, using alternative energy sources. The institute has been developing sites with special technological purpose - to "Storage of spent nuclear fuel waste" to complete construction on the territory of Chornobyl NPP.

    During the years of Ukrainian independence collective institutions were carrying out projects for the construction and renovation of buildings of public importance:

    • Placement of all departments of the Ministry of Defense;
    • The refurbishment of the Cabinet;
    • Reconstruction of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine;
    • Reconstruction of the building under the Customs Committee of Ukraine;
    • Reconstruction of buildings for accommodation of the General Prosecutor\'s Office on the street. Grushevskogo;
    • Placement of the General Inspectorate of the President of Ukraine on the street. Degtyarev;
    • Construction and refurbishment of the Main Military Hospital;
    • Development of pre-project proposals and business plans for the construction of peacekeeping training centers of the Ministry of Defence and Security of Public Order Ministry of the Interior;
    • Reconstruction and completion of specialized secondary school 177 on the street. Kursk in Solomenskiy district of Kiev with a world-class facilities;
    • The construction of air traffic control centers in the city of Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk;
    • Residential and office complexes on the street. Of thieves, Melnikova, National Militia, Degtyarev, on the street. Boryspil 30-a, 40, and others, the total area of 350 thousand square meters;
    • And many other objects of special and public purposes.

    At present, high engineering capabilities, comprehensive approach to developing projects based on modern technological requirements, high level technical solutions, a close relationship with leading research, planning organizations in Ukraine, a highly professional image of the company given the opportunity to secure a reservation for the design of Spaceport Alcantara, the Federative Republic of Brazil with a Ukrainian carrier rocket for the Cyclone-4 ", the development of the design bureau Yuzhnoye.

    The Institute has a large and modern logistics and information base, which is designed for 60-year history.

    The greatest asset of the Central Design Institute is its staff, its intellectual level. Successes of the Institute are based on the experience and professionalism of engineers - designers, their ability to perform any task. Caring for the best traditions of the Institute, responsible employees, the constant desire to improve their technical level - all these guarantee the success of the enterprise.

    According to the National Business Rating and the official data of State Statistics "Central Design Institute" for several years occupies the leading place among the best state-owned enterprises in Ukraine.

    These achievements demonstrate the merits of the team in the design, give us reason to be proud of our accomplishments over the years and look optimistically to the future.

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